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 MATH 330 (Differential Equations)

 Recent syllabi and course calendars

          Fall 2023 syllabus [pdf]
          Fall 2023 calendar [pdf]

 Course documents

          Lecture notes (2023 version) [pdf]
          Old exams [pdf]
          A quick review of calculus [pdf]


 Mathematica information and files

          Students:  purchase your license to Mathematica by clicking here.
          General Mathematica reference (more information is in Appendix B of my lecture notes):
          Some general information about Mathematica [pdf]
                  My Calc 1/2 quick reference guide for Mathematica [pdf]
                  Guide to functions, plots and graphics in Mathematica [nb - right-click and save to your machine]

         Mathematica code particularly useful in MATH 330:
          slopefields.nb (code for plotting slope fields and stream lines)
                   eulermethod.nb (code for Euler's method)
                   chapter1applications.nb (code for examples in Section 2.6 in the lecture notes)
                   eulermethodsystems.nb (code for Euler's method for 2x2 and 3x3 systems)
                   phaseplanes.nb (code for plotting phase planes of 2x2 systems)
                   doublependulum.nb (simulations for the double pendulum)


          FSU Math and actuarial science club
          National site of Gamma Iota Sigma (risk management and actuarial science fraternity)
          FSU chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma 

          Academic Support Center (information about tutoring at FSU)
          TutorTrac (online scheduling of tutoring appointments at FSU)
          Educational Counseling and Disability Services
          Khan Academy (online math videos)