David M. McClendon Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Ferris State University
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 Papers (all in pdf format)

 My papers and preprints

Continuity of conditional measures associated to measure-preserving semiflows Trans. AMS 361 (2009) 331-341.

An Ambrose-Kakutani representation theorem for countable-to-1 semiflows Discrete Contin. Dyn. Sys. Ser. S 2 (2009) 251-268.

(with A.S.A. Johnson) Speedups of countable group extensions of Z^d-actions Dyn. Sys. 29 (2014) 255-284.

(with A.S.A. Johnson) Speedups and orbit equivalence of finite extensions of Z^d actions New York J. Math 21 (2015), 1371-1387. [journal home page]

(with J. Wilson) Entropy of LEGO(R) jumper plates to appear in The mathematics of various entertaining subjects. Vol. 3 Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2019.

On the maximal Weyl complexity of families of four polynomials (preprint)

 Papers and preprints of my undergraduate students

         Jonathon Wilson, "Entropy of LEGO(R) jumper plates" (see link above)
         Allie Wicklund, 
"A sex-age, density-dependent matrix model for white-tailed deer populations incorporating annual harvest" (2016)

          Tyler George,  "E-ergodicity and speedups of ergodic systems" Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math. J. 16 (2015) 72-87.

          Keith Goldner, "A Markov model of football" J. Quant. Anal. Sports 8 (2012) (online, 16 pp.)