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 Slides from some of my talks (all pdf)

Rank one Z^d-actions conjugate to an odometer
   Carolina Dynamics Symposium, Davidson (2023)

Speedups of Z^d-odometers
   Joint Mathematics Meetings, online (2022)
   Spring Topology and Dynamical Systems Conference, Murray State (2021)

A thematic linear algebra course focused on four problems of the form T(x) = b
   AMS-MAA Joint Meetings, San Diego (2018)

Adding 1 in a mirror universe
   Colloquium, Ferris State University (2017)

Teaching the n^th derivative test with inquiry-based Mathematica activities
   AMS-MAA Joint Meetings, Seattle (2016)

More on speedups of ergodic Z^d-actions
   AMS Central Section Meeting, Chicago (2015)

Dynamical systems and van der Waerden's Theorem
   Colloquium, Hope College (2015)

Equivalence of finite and group extensions of ergodic Z^d-actions
   Pingree Park Dynamics Workshop, Fort Collins (2014)

Speedups of ergodic Z^d-actions

   AMS-MAA Joint Meetings, Baltimore (2014)

Speedups of ergodic Z^d-actions (different talk with same title)
   AMS Southeastern Section Meeting, Oxford (2013)

A tour of dynamical systems
   Colloquium, Ferris State University (2012)

What do orbits look like?
   Colloquium, Swarthmore College (2010)

Maximally continuous factors of measurable semiflows
   Joint Meeting of the AMS and KMS, Seoul (2009)

An Ambrose-Kakutani representation theorem for Borel semiflows
   Northwest Dynamics Symposium, Victoria (2008)

A universal model for Borel semiflows
   AMS-MAA Joint Meetings, New Orleans (2007)

On the identification of points by Borel semiflows
   AMS Fall Central Section Meeting, Cincinnati (2006)

Orbit discontinuities of Borel semiflows on Polish spaces
   CMS Winter Meeting, Victoria (2005)

Discontinuous identification of points by semiflows
   University of Maryland Spotlight on Graduate Research Conference (2005)

 Slides & posters presented by my undergraduate students

An analysis of methods used to measure college football recruiting classes and assign star ratings to recruits
  Michael Nadrowski (2021)

LEGO and mathematics
   Jonathon Wilson (2018)

Entropy of non-rectangular LEGO bricks
   Jonathon Wilson (2017)

Dynamics of the family l(z + 1/z + 1)
   Anzhane' Lance (2017)

A sex-age, density-dependent matrix model for white-tailed deer populations incorporating annual harvest
   Allie Wicklund (2016)

Can basketball players actually be "on fire"?
   Andrew Elenbaas (2015)

The raindrop function:  looks can be deceiving
   Mickelle Bradley and Jaime Mullen (2014)

E-ergodicity and speedups of ergodic systems
   Tyler George (2014)

Discrete dynamical systems and chaos
   Steve Crow and Tyler George (2013)